The 'Lite Information'

As the name suggests, this is the lightest model in the Gearskinz® range, but don‘t let the name fool you.

This is the lightest model in the GearSkinz® range. Made of the same tough polypropylene as the ‘Standard’ and ‘Plus’ models, it has an inner high density foam lining, strong riveted seams that form a protective frame around your gear and a metal strengthening rod encased in a seam that runs around the open end of the case for extra strength and rigidity.

This case will give a great deal of protection against every day knocks and scrapes, whilst being as light as possible – offering far better protection than, for example, padded vinyl/cloth covers.

Designed to slip over the top of your cabinet, it will leave your gear’s handles accessible for transportation.

  • Slip over style case
  • Heavy duty 2mm polypropylene ‘skin’
  • 10mm foam lining on side panels with 5mm high density foam lining inside the top panel
  • Riveted single thickness seams
  • Metal strengthening rod encased in a seam around rim of case
  • Rubber piping around handle aperture(s)
  • Metal corner protectors
  • Metal Ball corner protectors 
  • GearSkinz Wrap-around Strap 

Gearskinz Lite Information Cases

There are two other models in the GearSkinz® range


Extra rigidity and The GearSkinz Detachable Strap System to keep everything firmly in place.


Fully enclosed with a base tray, the plus model offers all round belt & braces protection.

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